The Kinect Spelling Test

The Kinect Spelling Test

By September 26, 2011 Kinect, Microsoft No Comments

The disadvantage of being a music teacher and not an ICT teacher is that I only have a basic knowledge of coding. As you have seen in previous posts I am really enjoying using the Kinect in my classroom. It really has a major impact in the classroom and I would encourage anyone to give it a try and guess what it’s not even that difficult with so many resources already out there.

It really is worth checking out Ray Chambers’s blog at Being g an ICT teacher he has excellent coding skills in Visual Basic as he demonstrated in his Quiz for Teachers. He has constructed this spelling test app in the same way. All the teacher has to do is add the required information to a simple text document. So no more excuses from those teachers that say “oh it’s all too complicated”. I used this spelling test quiz to test the knowledge of my year 11 Music Technology class.



The instructions are simple:

1. Run the application.
2. Wave your right hand in front of it and you will see a pink ball on your screen.
3. Once you are ready, hover your hand over the submit button.
4. If your spelling is correct, it will say well done and make a ping sound.
5. If your spelling is incorrect, it will say incorrect and make an error sound.
6. To reset your answer hover over the reset button.
7. To change the spellings open up the test file in the folder and change them.

The quiz is available form here