Year 6 Transistion Day

Year 6 Transistion Day

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Last week Year Six visited the school to get experience of what it will be like in September when they joibecome our new Year Seven. We were all very impressed with this year group. It’s been a great five years with my reg class but as they’ve just done their GCSEs they will be moving on to bigger and exciting things at college or whatever they decide to do. So it’s come round again that I will be a Year Seven Reg teacher, having spent about two hours with my new registration class I can honestly say I’m looking forward to working with them in September.

During the transition day I was one of the teachers that taught the new year sevens. I thought I would carry on the great tradition they have in primary schools by getting them all singing, so we learnt the musical elements song. I told the class that if the singing was good enough I would put it on my website for their parents, friends and family to listen to. That evening I attended our year 11 prom, I checked my phone and saw I had two e-mails. It really was a special moment when I looked at the e-mails and discovered they had been sent via my website by two of the year six pupils who had visited the site to listen to the recording of their song. It was one of those moments in teaching that makes you realise why you do it. So please have a listen to the pupils song and feel free to leave a comment, also below are the two messages they left.

New year 7 elements song (mp3)

hey iv come to willows high for a day today to see what its like
before september.I enjoed the singging and the BIG RED BUTTON.And i
wanted to ask,who and why enspired you to be a music teacher because i
think your a good role modole.enyway cant wait till september!!



hi mr ritter, how did you make your own website i think
its so cool and your cartoon caricter is funny,i have been telling my
friends about this website and they all think its FAB!!!!